Our frugal lawnmower

The weather in Belgium is finally getting better! The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, the flowers are blossoming … All signs of spring are becoming visible. It’s just wonderful! It’s so amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to your mood :)!

A consequence of the weather getting better is that our grass is growing like crazy, and weed is popping up everywhere. This is a problem that until one year ago, we never had encountered. A year ago my boyfriend and I lived in a small apartment in the centre of the city. The closest thing we had to a garden was our tiled terrace which overlooked the street with passing cars and people shoppGardening. So our terrace didn’t need any gardening at all. When we then bought our house, we were so happy to have a garden, even though it’s quite tiny. We found it wonderful to have a terrace to barbeque on, to have grass, flowers, bushes, trees … Just wonderful to have our own small garden and being surrounded with a bit of nature.

We soon discovered that a garden, even a tiny one, needs quite some maintenance. We needed gardening tools including a lawnmower to cut the grass (we aren’t too fond of the “wild garden” look). Choosing a lawnmower to buy for our garden wasn’t an easy decision, since there are so many available on the market.

There are lawnmowers on electricity, on gas, or even robot lawnmowers that faithfully do their round in the garden day after day. After looking at the pros and cons of all these machines, we chose to buy a “push lawnmower”. It’s no robot that runs on his own, it doesn’t need electricity or gas, it just needs sheer man(or woman)power! It was a less obvious choice since push mowers aren’t very popular here (that’s my impression). But for our frugal household and minimal needs this was perfect.

Garden2I think you can call a push mower a frugal lawnmower. It runs on push or hand power, it’s more economical, it’s smaller, it’s maybe even less frustrating because it has no complex mechanics that can break easily … For these, and many other reasons, my boyfriend and I bought it.

We are very happy about it and don’t regret buying it. I have to admit that we hesitated a bit to buy it because we we’re afraid that it would be difficult to handle, but that luckily didn’t seem the case.

Some advantages of a push mower (if you have a small to medium garden, and you are wondering what kind of mower to buy) are:

  • Price: The price itself is the same like any other lawnmower (We bought ours for 120 euro). Because you don’t need any electricity or gas, and no expensive maintenance, it’s much cheaper. And of course compared to a robot it’s super cheap.
  • Power: No electricity or gas needed. Ok you need some hand power to push but it’s really doable. Even I (a not so strong girl), can handle it with ease. And it’s a good exercise.
  • Sound: It is very silent, no annoying loud noise. If you for example ever have the urge to mow your lawn in the middle of the night you can do it (Here in Belgium there are noise restrictions, no loud noises after 10 pm or on Sunday).
  • Maintenance: I can’t say it with certainty yet, because we don’t have ours that long, but I think it doesn’t need much maintenance (certainly if you compare it with other lawnmowers). Only sharpening the blade once in a while.
  • Storage: It’s much smaller than the average lawnmower. You can easily remover the handle which makes it super east to put away.

With the weather being so good, and the grass having a growth spurt, my boyfriend took our lawnmower out of the basement and cut the grass. I tried to remove all the weed (with moderate succes)…

Now our garden is ready for the first barbeque of the year! 🙂