Earning some extra money by filling in surveys

Whoop! Today I received a letter in the mailbox with a gift cheque of 10 euro. It’s always nice receiving such a letter :). As the title of this post reveals, I received the gift cheque by filling in surveys.

For some years now I’m registered on ‘I-say‘ (previously Ipsos). It’s a website where you can collect points by filling in surveys. Per surey, depending on it’s length, you receive around 50-170 points. When having collected around 1200 points, you can exchange them in a gift cheque of 10 euro. There are various kinds of cheques of all different kinds of stores (e.g. Amazon, Ikea …) from which you can choose, or you can even donate money to charity (right now they are actually collecting money for Nepal). Okay, I have to admit, it takes a while to collect enough points, but it’s so easy to fill in a survey once in a while, and after a few months receiving a cheque of 10 euro in the mail is always nice. There are a lot of things that you can buy with 10 euro :).

I discovered ‘I-say‘ a few years ago after I graduated. During my Psychology studies I had to participate in several experiments, and fill in numerous surveys as part of the courses (abot 1 survey a week). This way we helped with the research that was conducted at the faculty, we learned about psychological experiments, and the methodology of surveys.

After 5 years of studying Psychology, and filling in surveys on a weekly basis, I was so used to filling them in (and giving my opinion) that I really started liking it. So I went looking for a good website where I could earn money by giving my opinion and I-say was the winner. Over the past 2 years I filled in surveys about quite a big range of things. For example; advertisements, my internet habits, eating habits, or even about packaging for new products. Some surveys were more intresting then others, but still, they were all fun (and I have to admit that I fill them out in front of the tv). I think that in total, I gained about 100 Euro. It’s not a lot but it’s a nice extra.

Apart from Isay there are also a lot of other websites where you can earn some money by giving your opinion and filling in surveys (e.g. swagbucks, GlobalTestMarket, Crowdology …), but I never tried these so I don’t know how these websites, surveys, or the rewards are. Do any of you have some experience with some other websites or with I-say? Feel free to share your opinion!