‘Sinterklaas’ Cake

A few days ago I discovered that I still have some chocolate figurines from a few months ago from St. Nicholas day [Or in Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’]. The chocolate is still good to eat, but we have so much chocolate at home (some still from St. Nicholas day, a lot from Easter … ) that it’s becoming a bit too much :). So I thought it would be a good idea to make something with a IMG_1218few figurines before they get bad (although chocolate doesn’t get bad that fast).

I don’t know if many of you know ‘Sinterklaas’ and celebrate st. Nicholas day on the 6th of December. Here in Belgium, on the 5th of December children put a shoe under the fire place (or just a place in the house) and during the night St. Nicholas passes by (or their parents ;)) and puts candy and presents in the shoes of the children that have been good throughout the year. It’s a bit like Santa Claus at Christmas in the US. Even though my boyfriend and I have gotten a bit too old for it, we still received a lot of chocolate from our parents. So much that there still is some left (and we eat a lot of chocolate).

I decided to make a chocolate cake with some figurines. Cake is always a good dessert, and it’s even better when it’s chocolate cake. My favourite cake is chocolate cake with raisins and nuts that my grandmother always makes. But my cooking skills haven’t gotten to that level yet so I kept it easy.

Recipe: ‘Sinterklaas’ cake

  • Ingredients
    • 200gr butter
    • 100gr sugar
    • 1 bag of vanilla sugar
    • 300gr flourIMG_1220
    • 4 eggs
    • 100gr of dark chocolate or as I did it dark chocolate figurines 🙂 (I don’t know whether milk chocolate also would be tasty).

To make the cake, melt the butter and add the sugar, vanilla sugar and egg yolks. Then add the flower (it’s best to sieve it first). Whip the egg whites until it’s foamy and add it to the rest. Then add the melted chocolate (I’m sorry ‘Sinterklaas’ for melting you).

IMG_1221To whip the egg white foamy I used a hand mixer that I discovered a few months ago in the Ikea. Before I had the hand mixer I used a fork to do it. But it always took me a long time and it was never very foamy. Now, with the hand mixer it’s super easy to do. It works as well as a normal mixer but you don’t need electricity. (It’s the same as our lawnmower. I get more and more fascinated by such tools that don’t need electricity or gas… )IMG_1219

When the dough is finished, put it in a cake mold and let it bake in the oven for about 45 minutes on 180 degrees. Then you have a super tasty ‘Sinterklaas’ cake :).

IMG_1223Do any of you often have left over chocolate? And do you make something with the left over figurines? Let me know so I can try it for myself so our excess chocolate doesn’t go to waste.



Smoothies and Milkshakes

Did you know that you can freeze bananas? Most of you probabily allready knew. Until a year ago I however had no idea. When I saw that my bananas were over ripe, I ate them (even when I was not really in the mood) or even threw them away. Then I discovered that you can put them in the freezer which turned out to be super convenient when I got the urge for a smoothie or milkshake.

Freezing bananas is very easy:Freezing bananasx

  • Step 1: peel the banana
  • Step 2: slice the banana is pieces
  • Step 3: put the pieces in an airtight bag or a plastic container
  • Step 4: put the bag or container in the freezer

That’s how I do it. If you prefer, you can also leave the banana in one or two big pieces, or you can even leave the peel on and put the banana entirely in the freezer. If you leave the peel on you can afterwards easily peel the (frozen) banana by shortly holding it under running water.

Now what can you do with frozen bananas? There so many things that you can make with them. I prefer to use them for making smoothies and milkshake. Here are two super easy and super tasty recipies that I often make.

Recipe 1: **tasty-banana-smoothie**

  • Ingredients:
    • Orange juice (since I only use it for smoothies I use a very cheap brand)
    • Frozen bananas (one or two, depends on your own Smoothiextaste)
  • Preparation:
    • Poor a cup of orange juice in the blender
    • Add the frozen bananas
    • Blend until smooth
    • Add some extra orange juice depending on your own taste
    • Enjoy your tasty-banana-smoothie

Recipe 2: **sweet-banana-chocolate-milkshake**

  • Ingredients:
    • ‘Dame blanche’ ice cream
    • Frozen bananans (one or two, again, it depends on your own taste)
    • milkmilkshakex
    • Maple syrup (for the sweet tooths)
  • Preparation:
    • Scoop three spoons of ice cream in the blender
    • Add the frozen bananas and a bit milk
    • Blend until smooth
    • Add a teaspoon of maple syrup
    • Enjoy an uber-super-duber-tasty sweet-banana-chocolate-milkshake

These are two very easy recipes that I often make. It’s nice because they only take a few minutes to make and they are super tasty. And, best of all, you can make them whenever you want if you have some bananas in the freezer.

If you make the smoothie or milkshake, be sure to rinse the blender immediately afterwards. Otherwise, if you leave it for a few hours, it will be much harder to clean.

I hope you all enjoy the banana smoothie and milkshake as much as my boyfriend and me do!


Frugal Fiona