Windows, newspapers and sheep

Yesterday I could not escape it anymore, I really had to clean my windows. I postponed it as long as possible, but sometimes you just have to face the music … Yesterday was that day. The windows of our house were too dirty! I almost couldn’t see the last rays of the summer sun, or the super cute black sheep across the street anymore. Ok it’s a bit exaggerated, but truth is that they were dirty and needed some serious cleaning.

Luckily, last year I discovered a method that made cleaning the windows a bit less frustrating and also super frugal. Believe it or not, by using newspapers! Maybe most of you will already know this trick but for the ones who don’t know or never tried it, let me explain and hopefully convice you to do it as well. It’s super handy because it leaves no stripes on the windows (I always had trouble with that), and it costs no money since you don’t need fancy, often toxic, or expensive cleaning products. I read the tip in the book: “Superscrimpers: Live Life for Half the Price” by Eithne Farry. A very intresting book with lots of money-saving tips. I was quite suspicious about this tip but tried it anyway (I had nothing to loose, except some old newspapers). I frowned, cleaned, and overcame.

All you need is:

  • a bowlIMG_1314
  • a rag
  • water
  • vinegar
  • old newspapers (I don’t have a subscription on a newspaper. However, every week we get the local newspaper from “Leuven” in the mailbox. It’s free for all the residents, and informs about everything that’s going on in the neighbourhood. So after a while you get a pile of old newspapers)
  • and of course a (dirty) window

What happens next is quite obvious. Add water and some vinegar in a bowl. Clean the window with lots oIMG_1320f water. Make a small ball of some pages of the newspaper and dry the window with it (when the paper is getting too wet take a new one). And you’re done … It’s super easy and you really don’t need anything else to make your windows nice and shiny :).

I don’t know if you can see it on the pictures but my window is really clean now. I’m able to see the sheep across the street again.
So, thats’ one window down, 10 more to go. I don’t know if I will do them all today, there so much more to do on a free day (yes I have to admit that i’m procrastinating right now while writing this blog. It’s so mucher nicer to write about cleaning the windows than actually cleaning them). I’m also not looking forward to the last window of the house, the ceiling window in the kitchen… I think I will leave that one for another day, maybe in the next ten years or so (or leave it up to my boyfriend who’s not afraid of climbing on the roof).

Now you nIMG_1322ow everything that there is to know about cleaning the windows. Sorry if this is a somewhat boring post, but I really wanted to share this tip since I was quite suspicious at the beginning but really prefer this method now.

Did any of you already washed your windows like this? Or do you know a better method? Let me know.