Liebster Award

Last week I got nominated for the Liebster award by Abyssbrain. I was quit surprised, but very happy with my nomination. So thank you very much liebster-award-logoAbyssbrain! His blog (mathemagical site) was one of the first blogs I discovered and I immediately liked. You don’t have to be a mathematics genius to like this blog (I’m surely not). It’s a funny but at the same time informative blog about mathematics.

I was even more surprised yesterday when I was also nominated by Artsyrobot. Two nominations for the Liebster Award, yay. Thank you so much Artsyrobot. She has a very nice blog about crafting, drawing, and other kind of creative things (artsyrobot). It’s worth to have a look at her blog.

Part of this Liebster Award is answering several questions. Answering two sets of questions is a bit much so I will stick to the questions asked by Abyssbrain. Here are my answers:

  1. What is your opinion of mathematics in general?
    For me mathematics is quite important. I did a PhD in educational sciences concerning how elementary school pupils solve mathematical word problems in the mathematics class. My view of mathematics education in elementary school is that it is important that mathematics is not just reduced to abstract calculations. Pupils should be guided to understand mathematics and understand what they are doing, that they know and discover that in mathematics there are so many ways to come to a solution and understand why mathematics is important (that mathematics is not invented to bully them ;)) … So mathematics, and mathematics education is quite important for my. That’s also why I was intrigued by the blog of Abyssbrain.
  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how reliant are you on technology? Explain.
    Difficult to say. Last year I would say 11 on a scale of 10. At that moment I was finalizing my PhD so my computer was on all the time and I had panic attacks when internet was not working… Now, after finishing, I’m less reliant on my computer and technology in general. Although I have to admit that having this blog made me also quite reliant of my computer.
  1. What are your top 3 favorite books?
    It’s been a long time since I read a book (apart from academic books). I think I would say “Sophie’s world” by Jostein Gaarder. I read it when I was young, it is a children’s book in which philosophy is so clearly and nicely explained. Two other books that I like are “Zorro” by Isabel Allende and “Tarzan of the apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. These are two more classical books, but I really like them.
  1. If somebody ask you to give a random advice, what would you say?
    I would give the advice to take a moment to reflect on his own life, and what he wants in life! And just enjoy life!
  1. What is the most boring and tedious thing that you have ever done?
    As a student I worked in the hospital for one month. Day in day out I had to listen to sound files and type everything on the computer (it’s a written report for peoples medical file). It was a very mind numbing job because you had to concentrate all day on typing what the doctor was saying (most of the time fast and unclear) … It was 8 years ago so I hope that now computers are able to do that job because it was really boring.
  1. If you could have any job that you wanted, what would it be?
    At the moment I ask myself that question every day. I’m looking for a job, and I would like to work as a policy maker in education (if possible elementary school) or make mathematical textbooks. However, there are not a lot of job opening in that area. On the other hand, if I could have any job in the world, it would be a job I really enjoy doing and one that allows me to work whenever I want and how I want … So maybe I have to become independent.
  1. What are some of your happiest childhood memories?
    I have one very strong (happy) childhood memory that I will never forget. When I think of it now it is so funny but as a child I did not like it :). It was when I was 13 years old and went to secondary school (my first year). One of my sweet brothers had put a big plastic gnome in my schoolbag. I had no clue that is was there until I arrived in school and opened my schoolbag to get my books (in class). I opened it I saw the big gnome staring at me …. That day I didn’t dare to open my schoolbag again and was very embarrassed because I was afraid everyone would laugh at me when they saw I was carrying a big gnome with me… When I think of it know, I think it was soooo funny :).
  1. What song best describes your life?
    I have no idea… That’s a very difficult question. Probably a Disney song.
  1. What is the most confusing movie that you have ever watched?
    Mr. Nobody. I still don’t understand the movie.
  1. If you can choose any category on a quiz show, which category would you choose?
    I would choose movies and music. Not that I know so much about it, but I like to think I know a lot about it!

So these were my answers to the questions. I hope you enjoyed them!

The rules of this Liebster Award are as follows:

  • Each nominee must have under 200 followers
  • Thank and link to the nominating blog
  • Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
  • Nominate 10 blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated
  • Write a post containing the questions
  • Include these rules in the post

So as the rules of this award state, I should nominate some other blogs for the Liebster award. When I was looking around to nominate some blogs that I follow and really like reading, I found that most of them already got nominated for this award. So I just want to use this opportunity to nominate one blog that was not yet nominated for the Liebster Award (I think) that I like in particular and to mention some other blogs that are really worth visiting!

My nominee for the Liebster Award is The Thrifted Year! It’s a super interesting and inspiring blog about a yearlong journey of buying nothing new and having a simple, frugal life. I really like reading her blog and her tips. You definitely should go and have a look.

Some other very interesting blogs worth visiting are:

Mathemagical Site
Just a Blog Rambling On
Project Patrol
sustainable daisy
Tiny Bows
New Pollyanna
Therapy Journey

My questions are:

  1. What would be your money saving tip?
  2. what is your life motto?
  3. What is your guilty pleasure?
  4. What’s your favorite DIY project?
  5. What country would you really like to visit one day?
  6. Which specialty of your country should everyone have tasted?
  7. What’s your favorite sport (to do or look at)?
  8. What music instrument do you play or do you want to be able to play?
  9. What motivated you to start with a blog?
  10. Did having a blog change you somehow?



3 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Nice answers! Yes, I would just also laugh at my embarrassing memories. In hindsight, they are really funny 🙂

    And thank you for your kind words btw.

    Liked by 1 person

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