Frugal Travelling?

Is there such a thing as frugal travelling? As I mentioned in a previous post (see here), my boyfriend and I really like travelling. It is something we really enjoy and want to keep on doing. We are however trying to find a good balance between travelling and living frugal.

Tomorrow we leave on a city trip to Rome, the eternal city … This made me think about frugal travelling. Is there such a thing and how would it be defined?

How do you travel? Do you have any tips regarding ‘frugal travelling’? Do you pay attention to your spending when you travel?

Or have you ever been to Rome? What should we definitely do or visit?



6 thoughts on “Frugal Travelling?

  1. I actually wanted to contribute to a blog about how to travel extremely light and extremely cheaply, but wanting for nothing. How long are you away for? I’m off for a month, then for another 6, and both trips I intend to take just a large 60 litre rucksack and a bag for my laptop. However long you’re staying for you don’t need a lot of clothes, as it’s better to wash and re-wear rather than taking a lot of things.

    I think with regard to not over-spending, it helps if your attitude to money when you’re away is not that much different to how it is when you’re at home. Too often, being abroad is an excuse to buy more food, clothes and garbage termed “souvenirs”. You can save by cooking where you are staying, buying food and alcohol from the supermarket rather than bars, and going out for fancy food once a week – like you might at home. Throwing money at a holiday isn’t what makes it fun – it’s who you spend time with, and the fabulous sights you’ll see!

    Just about every city has tips for doing stuff on the cheap or free. I don’t expect Rome will be any different. It helps to have local knowledge, so if I was staying for any length of time, I’d use the internet prior to travelling to get in touch with locals willing to impart their knowledge to otherwise hapless tourists, and when you meet up with them (or perhaps you’d only chat online), you’d have some ideas about things to do, places where locals go, and even a friend to get to know. You might even get a free couch or cheap bed out of it for a night or two.

    I have been to Rome but it was when I was a child, so I can’t give you much useful advice, except that it’s a beautiful place just to be in, and soak up the atmosphere.

    I don’t know if any of this is any good, but I’d be interested to know what your tips or thoughts are as regards frugal travelling, even if you are not too sure yet!!

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    1. Thanks for the advice. We were only away for 5 days, so it was a really short trip. We only took hand luggage because it’s true that you don’t need a lot of clothes. When you are away for a longer period it is indeed a good idea to wash your clothes.

      I like your remark of the “attitude” to money. It’s true that you’re attitude to money shouldn’t be that much different when you are on a holiday. I think that it’s normal to spend more money on vacation because you want to relax, but it’s true that it doesn’t have to become an excuse to spent too much money.

      Also thank you for the other tips! Some of your tips we already knew and did (like for example buying a bottle of water in local supermarkets, it’s a lot cheaper and good to always have something to drink with you).

      In a few days I will write a new post about the trip to Rome, and our tips regarding frugal travelling (and whether we succeeded).

      Thanks for the advice!


  2. I’ll just give you one advice when you go to Rome: Be careful of your money and belongings.

    Thepick pocketers in Rome are very good at what they are doing. I knew this beforehand so I was very vigilant all the time whenI was there. Sadly, two of my friends’ belongings were stolen from them together with their travel documents without them realizing it. We have to ask the Hong Kong embassy there for help which was quite trohblesome…

    Also, many people there that offer their products and services can be very persuasive haha…

    Have a happy trip btw.

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    1. Thanks for the tip! We always try to be careful of our money and belongings. But we made sure that we were extra vigilant. This seemed to be necessary. In Rome there are so many tourists and also so many people who are trying to sell you things (selfie sticks are the new thing apparently). At some moments it was so crowded and there were so many people circling around you to try to sell their stuff, that I can imagine that a lot of people get robbed.
      We were very careful and luckily weren’t robbed (we also didn’t buy from the people on the street, we really didn’t need a selfie stick or any of those other things :)). In a next post I will write more about our experiences of our trip.


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